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Here are the answers to the most frequent questions

Is the use of the linkfinance website free of charge?

The use of linkfinance is completely free of charge for professionals, young graduates, or students who consult jobs and reviews. Becoming a member, answering an offer, writing a review, subscribing to the email alert and submitting your resume are all for free.

Who is submitting the reviews on linkfinance?

Reviews on companies, education courses, jobs and service providers are submitted by professionals and young graduates who are eager to share their work life or student experience. Every review is verified by our moderator team. We control the identity, and the truthfulness of the experience. Reviews are displayed either anonymously or unanimously according to the request of the author.

Can I submit a review on linkfinance?

You can submit a review on linkfinance if you want to share your student experience, in banking, finance, insurance or your working life experience through a company review or a job review. The easiest way is to submit you review here. Once we receive your review, it will be controlled by our moderator team which could contact you for further information.

Are the offers updated regularly?

Offers are daily updated by the thousands of recruiters using the website. Offers are displayed for 6 weeks.

I applied to an offer. After several weeks, I still have neither positive nor negative answer. Is that normal?

Sometimes it takes several weeks for companies to select and contact candidates. You can always remind the recruiter with a phone call.

Do I have to submit my resume on the CV database ?

We recommend you to upload you resume in the database to optimize your job research. The CV database is consulted by recruiters who contact directly candidates whose profiles are matching with their expectations. Some recruiters are only using the CV search and do not display offer.

I have read that by signing up on linkfinance, I was automatically signing up on peoplein finance. How does it work?

By signing up on linkfinance, you automatically and for free sign up on peopleinfinance. The site peopleinfinance is the social network for professionals in banking, insurance, and finance. You can improve your visibility and network among professionals in you sector.