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Fund accounting and reconciliation specialist m/f

12 September Germany, München Freiwilligenarbeit

The department Accounting & Controls calculates the net asset values of investment funds and reconciles the results with the figures given by the various investment companies.
CACEIS acts as a custodian and is obliged to verify the fund prices and valuations.
Additionally it is ensured by the department that the fund obtains all assets which are reported via the fund price to the investor.

The holder of the position will learn und understand how the various asset classes bought and sold by an investment fund (e.
securities, bonds, fx forwards, listed futures and options, OTC products like credit default swaps, corporate actions) are to be accounted and how they influence the value of the net asset value of the fund.
Besides a financial products know how, the holder of the position will learn and understand the settlement of the various financial products and will investigate on a detailed level discrepancies between the client's and CACEIS's results.

Your main missions will be:

• Booking securities-, futures/options, foreign exchange forward contracts, over the counter derivatives and cash transactions

• Booking corporate actions

• Checking and releasing payments

• Checking fund prices to the investment company

• Reconciling positions of the bank with the results of the fund accounting systems.

• Checking and clarifying discrepancies with the management companies, internal departments and CACEIS entities in France and Luxembourg

• Supporting internal projects

The VIE contract in short:
According Business France's eligibility conditions, the Volontariat International en Entreprise (VIE) is an assignment in a French company operating overseas for professionals between the age of 18 and 28 who are European Union nationals.

To apply, you need to meet the conditions mentioned above.
If not, your application will not be selected.
If you are eligible, join your CV and a cover letter in English – and mention: your age and nationality.
For further information about the eligibility conditions to this programme, we invite you to go to Business France website:

First experience in the banking industry and basic knowledge of financial products would be a plus.

Finance, Banking, Controlling, Accounting